Easton Aluminum Arrow

Easton aluminum archery arrows were originally designed back in the 1940’s when James Easton created the first practical aluminum arrow shaft. The biggest upsides to using aluminum shafts are durability and price. Easton aluminum beginner arrows are perfect for youth just learning the basic concepts of archery. They are an inexpensive way for young archers to practice shooting, and they respond to abuse better than carbon arrow shafts. It is even possible to straighten slightly bent aluminum shafts.

One downside to Easton aluminum bow arrows is that the aluminum shafts bend more easily than carbon shafts. However, they don’t splinter like some carbon arrow shafts. Many participants at bow club shoots prefer Easton aluminum silhouette target arrows over carbon arrows when shooting over varied terrain.

Whether shooting at silhouettes or traditional targets, Easton aluminum target practice arrows offer the distinct advantage of being easier to remove from the target. Aluminum arrows are available in a large number of shaft diameters. The large diameter shafts are much easier to pull from the target. While carbon shafts offer advantages when using broadheads, aluminum shafts are great for practice shooting with conventional points.

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