Archery Shaft Selection

When shopping for outdoorsman arrow shafts it is very important to consider what they will be used for. Are you bow hunting large or small game? Maybe you are shooting conventional targets at an archery range or possibly 3D targets at a bow club. While it is possible to purchase archery bare shafts and add all of your own components, to simplify your shopping experience we only offer prenocked archery shafts that can be custom cut to the desired length by the bow hunter or competition shooter.

Most bow hunters prefer carbon arrow archery shafts, although Easton also offers aluminum arrow shafts. Generally, these are mostly preferred for target shooting and by beginners. The smooth aerospace quality aluminum shafts are easier to remove from a 3D or paper target, and they can sometimes be straightened if slightly bent. Cost is also a consideration, as aluminum arrow shafts are cheaper than carbon arrow shafts. Some wooden archery shafts are also available for use by beginning archers.

Shafts are grouped by diameter and are generally available in four sizes. Wooden shafts are larger to provide strength and straightness, although bow hunters usually prefer hunting archery shafts found in the smallest three categories due to their better aerodynamics. Shafts are often available in multiple weights, measured in grains per inch, to suit the individual preferences of bow hunters. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the shaft diameter, the greater the kinetic energy that is created, partly due to the smaller cross sectional area which reduces air friction.

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