Beman Archery Shafts

Beman is recognized as one of the world’s foremost innovators in the design of bowhunter archery shafts. Beman arrow shafts are used by both pros and sportsmen and are preferred for their balance of value, durability, and overall consistency. While there are many different brands of arrows available constructed from a variety of materials, the Beman technology shafts offer what many consider the greatest value in terms of weight tolerance, flight speed, and accuracy.

Regarding consistency, over the last several years major advancements have been made in carbon shaft technology. Beman archery arrow shafts now offer uniform straightness and consistent weight distribution along the shaft length. Shaft straightness is now available at less than .006”. This provides bowhunters with nearly identical arrow flights, without having to compensate for variances in the individual arrows. Consistent weight distribution allows cutting the shaft to the shooter’s preferred length without changing the flight characteristics.

Beman bowhunter arrow shafts are excellent for hunting large game. The Centershot offers a slightly smaller shaft diameter which allows more kinetic energy to be transferred to the target, making it a lethal choice for large bucks. The ICS Hunter series shafts are known for their flat line of flight, while the Nightfall offers a micro-diameter shaft which creates greater kinetic energy and knockout impact. Browse through all of the Beman shafts and arrows to find the perfect fit for you!

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