Carbon Express Shafts

Carbon Express bow hunting shafts are known for delivering the perfect blend of speed and accuracy. Using their patented spine construction, Carbon Express technology shafts feature consistency in design, accuracy, and penetration performance. Spine consistency is critical, since all arrows flex when released from the bowstring. Carbon Express designs their shafts so they all flex the same amount, providing a greater level of performance and shooting accuracy.

Carbon Express Mayhem archery shafts are engineered using K-360 weave technology. By weaving the carbon fibers, 360 degree spine consistency is achieved, delivering the ultimate combination of downrange accuracy, speed, and target penetration. This performance quality is also available for women in the pink Mayhem Hot Pursuit, designed specifically for female bow hunters.

When purchasing a dozen of Carbon Express arrow shafts it is reassuring to know that all of the shafts display the same characteristics. The company goes the extra mile by sorting and matching their shafts by weight and spine tolerance, with weight tolerance of +/- 1.0 grams and spine variation of no more than +/- 0.0025”. This allows their shafts to be rated the best-in-class for overall consistency and a favorite choice for bow hunters everywhere. For everything archery Carbon Express shafts set the performance standard!

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