Carbon Tech Shafts

Carbon Tech hunter shafts are constructed by wrapping thin layers of carbon in a multi-directional design, creating a lightweight shaft which is incredibly accurate. The straightness tolerance of a Carbon Tech hunting shaft ranges from +/- .0015” on the Cheetah 3D series to +/- .005” on the CT Rhino shafts. These archery Carbon Tech shafts are designed to be faster, straighter, and more accurate than other brands. The high-tech construction process results in the shafts being slightly more expensive than competing brands, but their performance is amazing.

Carbon Tech offers six different shafts designed for serious hunters. The Carbon Tech Cheetah arrow shafts are available in either the Hunter series, consisting of four different shaft sizes, or the 3D series, with three different sizes. While the Cheetah Hunter shaft is a fast and lightweight all-carbon composite shaft, Carbon Tech 3D arrow shafts offer the same qualities but with an improved straightness tolerance which matches that of the CT Rhino.

Also available from Carbon Tech are the Whitetail and Whitetail XP shafts. Both are available in two different sizes. The sixth variety of shaft is the CT Panther, which features adjustable spine control. This feature allows three different cut possibilities, and no matter which cut you use, the nocks and inserts will fit the arrow. Check out all of the Carbon Tech arrow shafts to find the perfect one for you.


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